with The Butler – with The Butler
Hello there and welcome
I am V, and my duck is Evey (aka, The Butler). At current I mostly just make gaming videos, but I have a lot more things I want to get to in the future.
BitChute is my primary platform for video content. It is an alternative to YouTube, and you can find all of my videos there, including some which are not uploaded to YouTube (at current, this is limited to two Evey videos and six Parasite Eve videos). In time, this list will grow much larger.
Minds is my primary social media platform. You can find all of my statuses, announcements, updates, and more posted there. It is the best place to follow me if you are interested in getting updates before they are posted elsewhere.
In addition to all of this, I run a growing cross platform community known as the “Duck Mafia”, which has its home in my Guilded server. “Duck Mafia” also exists as a clan on both Old School RuneScape (OSRS) and RuneScape 3 (RS3). Though it is still growing, consider giving it a look if you are interested in being a part of this community as it grows. As a further note, there is a channel dedicated to pictures of Evey (which may be accessed without the need to register). Share memes, chat with others, have a generally good time – come say hi!
Latest Uploads

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